square image split in half. lightburn logo at top (white dragon with white bc) and rdworks logo (blue parathesis with yellow lightning bolt)

Why Lightburn? | Lightburn for Laser Cutting

LightBurn is a popular software application designed for controlling and optimizing laser cutters and engravers. At Thunder Laser, our lasers come with RD works free. However, we often recommend customers purchase Lightburn. It is an industry standard program and costs only $170 (one time fee).

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a light skinned man is wearing a backwards baseball hat smiling an holding the camera. He is wearing a branded green shirt that says Sticks and Doodles in white. In the background a woman is smiling and standing in front of a Thunder Laser laser cutter machine. She is light skinned wearing her hair in a bun and has thick rimmed glasses.

Add a Laser Cutter to your Small Business

Whether you already have laser equipment or you’re considering purchasing a laser cutter for the first time, this article will explore how the adding a laser can create new avenues of growth and profitability for your business.

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3 photos of laser cut diy festival furniture. wood chairs cut into thin slices then bolted back together. lights are installed in between each slice

Festival Furniture DIY

Here at Thunder Laser Canada, we built a lot of festival furniture! Since we are based out of Fuse33 Makerspace, many different groups approach us regularly to help them design and build outdoor furniture such as architects, festival organizers, business improvement associations and more.

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photo of new Aurora laser marking machine with labels showing new features

Aurora Marking Machine Improvements 2023

Here at Thunder Laser, we are always looking for ways to improve our designs for efficiency, safety and ease of use for customers. After collecting feedback we’re proud to announce improvements the design of our 2023 Aurora optical fibre laser marking machines.

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