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Laser Machine
laser cutter machine

Our Laser Machines

What Thunder Laser can Made

Below are just a few examples of products that have been made with Thunder Laser machines.

We’re always learning of customers using our laser systems in unique and creative ways.

wood laser cutter


You can cut and engrave toys, arts, crafts, souvenirs, Christmas jewelry, gift items, architectural models and inlays.

laser cutting machine Acrylic


Acrylic is ideal for laser processing projects such as illuminated advertisements, signage and more.

laser engraver Paper


You can enhance greeting cards, book covers or gift wrap with a unique, individual engraving

laser engraver Photo Engraving

Photo Engraving

Even photos can be engraved within a very short time-a personal dedication with names, text makes these types of items very unique

Crafts laser engraver


Transform your creative ideas into amazing art and craft projects. Decorate your artwork in no time: lettering, ornaments, logos, images

Rubber laser engraver


You can create stamps in highest precision, which produce clean, detailed quality imprints.

Choosing Your Laser Cutter

In this video, I'll discuss all the factors that went into my decision making process and hopefully give you things to think about when you're considering buying a machine for yourself or your laser engraving business.

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Thunder Laser is your premier source for amazing laser machines, laser engravers, laser cutting, and laser marking machines. We have been innovating and improving our laser engravers since 2010 and we combine an incredible value with amazing customer support.

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laser engraver for metal

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laser engraving machine for metal

Do you know some new uses of fiber laser marking machine?

As a method of accurately marking quality information, the demand of fiber laser marking machine is expanding. With the development of laser marking technology, many new methods and applications of laser marking machine have been pioneered in recent years.

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Introduction of fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is an advanced laser marking equipment in the world. It has the characteristics of good beam quality, small volume, fast speed, long working life, flexible and convenient installation and maintenance free.

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