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Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

  • When you receive your new Thunder Laser cutter, you’ll be up and running right away.
  • We ship our laser cutter and engraver machines with our tubes installed and already focused so you don’t have to.
  • Simply move it to where you want it, plug in the accessories and your computer and you’re ready to start!

Great Customer Service, Fast Response Time

  • As a Thunder Laser owner, you are one click away from our expert support service. 
  • As makers ourselves, we have experience creating projects in a wide range of materials.
  • Personalized laser cutter training is included with the purchase of your machine

Economic Pricing

  • Prices include everything you need to run the machine right out of the box.
  • Shipping is included to most major towns and cities. For shipping arrangements to rural locations Contact Us
product photo of a NovaThunder Laser Canada laser cutter machine

Our Laser Cutter and Engraver Machines

Thunder Bolt

  • 30 w desktop model
  • 20″ x 12″ bed size 
  • 4.3″ adjustable Z height
  • C02 RF Tube
  • Air-cooled (no chiller required)
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Nova 24

  • 60 w 
  • 23.6″ x 15.7″ ” Bed Size  
  • 5.9″ Adjustable Z height
  • Glass C02 Tube
  • Water-cooled
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Nova 35

  • 80 w or 100w
  • 35.4″ x 23.6″ Bed Size  
  • 9.1″ Adjustable Z height
  • Glass C02 Tube
  • Water-cooled
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Nova 51

  • 100 w or 130w
  • 51.2″x35.4″ Bed Size  
  • 9.1″ Adjustable Z height
  • Glass C02 Tube
  • Water-cooled
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Nova 63

  • 130w
  • 66.9″ x 44.5″ x 9.0″ Bed Size  
  • 9.1″ Adjustable Z height
  • Water-cooled
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Odin 22

  • 30w
  • 22″ x 15″ Bed Size  
  • 7.3″ Adjustable Z height
  • C02 RF Tube (No chiller)
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Odin 32

  • 55w
  • 32″ x 20″ Bed Size  
  • 7.3″ Adjustable Z height
  • C02 RF Tube (No chiller)
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  •  20 w or 50 w
  • 4.3 x 4.3″| 5.9 x 5.9″ Marking Area  
  • Air Cooled

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Nova, Aurora, Thunder Bolt








Thunder Bolt



What A Thunder Laser Can Make

a laser cut hanging wood lighting fixture with wooden pieces that look like pedals expanding out from the center. Made on a Thunder Laser in Canada


You can cut and engrave wood toys, arts, crafts, souvenirs, Christmas jewelry, gift items, architectural models, furniture, decor and inlays.

a product shot of an acrylic light up sign that says Thunder Laser Canada


Acrylic is ideal for laser processing projects such as illuminated advertisements, signage and more.

Leather laser engraving cutting


Leather laser engraving and cutting is an efficient way to manufacture, stylize and customize your leather products.

laser engraved dog and cat tags pendants with photos engraved and dates of obituary


An article about comprehensive introduction, which includes techniques and tips for metal engraving and laser engraver for metal.


It recommends ideal laser fabric cutting machines for fabric. You can explores the applications of laser processing for fabrics.


You can engrave glass and create patterns in the highest precision, with clean, detailed quality imprints.

What Our Clients Say:

Thunder Laser is your premiere source for amazing laser machines including laser engravers, laser cutting, and laser marking machines. We have been innovating and improving our laser machines since 2010 and we combine incredible value with amazing customer support.
josie Ladndon
josie Ladndon
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So far, Thunder has been great to work with. I set up a call to ask many questions, and Courtney was s0 helpful in choosing the machine that was right for me. Getting the quote and paying for my machin was easy. Now to wait until early August for the arrival of my Thunder Nova 51!
Erica h
Erica h
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I would give Rebecca 10 stars,ifl could. Her responses to inquires are always prompt and courteous. I know Thunder Support is swamped these days, but Rebecca always replies with a warm attitude and kind spirit. Thank you for your dedication to the Thunder Family.
Nathan Ehni
Nathan Ehni
Read More
Thunder laser has been great to work with so far. Cheyenne answered all of my questions as they have come up before I put in my order. I am excited to receive my machine in the next couple of months!

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Stan from Lens Digital gives a rundown of their rotary lineup, explains common issues and demos the new harnesses for the ‘PiBolt’.Customers show how they’ve integrated the PiBurn rotary into their businesses.

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square image split in half. lightburn logo at top (white dragon with white bc) and rdworks logo (blue parathesis with yellow lightning bolt)

Why Lightburn? | Lightburn for Laser Cutting

LightBurn is a popular software application designed for controlling and optimizing laser cutters and engravers. At Thunder Laser, our lasers come with RD works free. However, we often recommend customers purchase Lightburn. It is an industry standard program and costs only $170 (one time fee).

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