Thunder Bolt Laser Cutter

Introducing the Thunder Bolt laser cutter and engraver, our most affordable and compact machine. 

This lightweight CO2 desktop laser provides military-grade durability with lightning-fast engraving capabilities. And YES you can use a rotary inside!

Equipped with a robust RF Laser tube, the Thunder Bolt guarantees an extended lifespan, enhanced beam quality, and an accelerated laser response rate. The groundbreaking design and user-friendly interface will supercharge your business operations.

Thunder Bolt $7400 CAD

Financing available apply here.

More info on pricing here.

Announcing the **NEW** Thunder Bolt Plus!

bolt plus cover image announcing the bolt plus

Who Would Benefit from a Bolt Plus?

Business owners who create small products or products that require a high level of detail will love the new Bolt Plus!

This new upgraded version of the Bolt machine features:

  • A higher quality C02 RF Coherent Tube

  • Faster speed engraving (1500 mm/s)

  • Dual air assist similar to our larger model machines

  • Ability to engrave smaller font size (3pt) with increased clarity

Bolt Plus Price: $10,200 CAD

SpecificationBoltBolt Plus
Laser SourceSPT RF Laser 30wCoherent RF Laser 30w
Acceleration Speed3G5G
Air AssistSingle Air AssistDual Air Assist
Max Speed1000mm/s1500mm/s
Minimum font size4 pt3 pt
Warranty on laser tube1 year2 year
Standard Lens1.5"2.5"
prink background with numbers engraved comparing thunder lbolt laser cutter and thunder bolt pro on font size engraving
image of kitchen engraving left bolt right bolt pro

Thunder Bolt Laser Cutter Machine Upgrades

3 focus lenses for Thunder Laser laser cutters 1.5" lens, 2.5" lens and a 4.0" lens
Focus Lenses

Lenses available for all project types. The more detailed the graphics, the shorter the focal length.
The thicker the material, the greater the focal length is required.

laser-Rotary-attachment. A black machine made of metal and a round clow that grips onto round objects

Install a removable rotary in your laser engraving machine for cylindrical glass, wood, or metal products.

Lightburn logo. red on white background. A red dragon in a square with the words "LIGHTBURN better software for laser cutters" with a Thunder Laser logo underneath
Lightburn DSP License Key

Thunder Laser exclusive Lightburn DSP license key

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