New: Thunder Bolt Rotary by Lens Digital


Lens Digital recently launched a new version of the PiBurn Grip; aka ‘PiBolt’; a Thunder Bolt compatible rotary! It’s a slightly smaller version of the PiBurn Grip which features a chuck style grip with adjustable rubber pads to hold onto items of all types.

banner with the new thunder bolt rotary by lens digital piburn grip. design specifically for use with the Thunder bolt machine

When Lens Digital heard the announcement about the new Thunder Bolt compact desktop laser this summer, they immediately went to work redesigning the PiBurn Grip to fit perfectly inside this new machine. By removing the Bolt’s honeycomb tray, this rotary is designed to allow you to engrave objects that usually only the bigger laser machines can accomplish including objects over 6″ in diameter.


**Please note: Our team designed a tray (free download) to allow for maximum Z height so you can engrave 40 oz mugs and mugs with handles and more.

This drop tray is designed for 3mm MDF or similar. Settings for the Bolt are saved in the LightBurn file.**

Product shot closeup of the chuck grip to hold cylindrical objects.
Product shot closeup of the back side of the rotary and its up and down adjustment features and rollers.
image of the thunder bolt with the piburn rotary for thunderbolt inside the laser bed.
closeup image of the piburn rotary for thunderbolt and a measuring tape showing the height available above the bottle once mounted 3"
thunderbolt drop tray-a wood tray designed siting inside the bed of the thunder bolt laser cutter to allow for more z height. the
bipolt rotary for thunder bolt made my lens digital. a red metal machine for use in a laser cutter. its holding a water bottle to be engraved

NEW: PiBurn Grip for Thunder Bolt (AKA 'PiBolt')

The ‘PiBolt’  is a chuck-style rotary attachment compatible for use in your Thunder Laser Thunder Bolt machine. This rotary is designed to allow you to engrave objects that usually only bigger machines can accomplish! 

    • Never worry about walking or horizontal shift – no need for stoppers, EVER
    • The cup will not slip, so you can engrave in both directions, not just line by line. This allows for scoring – when the laser moves continuously, like when cutting
    • You can now make multiple passes and engrave multiple levels!
    • Engrave everything from rings and other smaller items to dog bowls and delicate glassware with one tool!
    • The Grip uses a Direct drive system, no belts, no gears – fewer parts to wear and break.
    • There is no need to change steps – only the object diameter.
    • Adjustable angle like the original PiBurn for tapered objects
    • Includes rubber-padded “fingers” for the extra delicate glass items

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