Repay Startup Costs for Laser Engraving Business in 3 Months

In June 2022, Danielle Smith and her mom started Buttercup Co and 3 months later, they were able to repay startup costs for their laser engraving business. Even more amazing, is they did this by selling only Yeti and Stanley brand tumbler mugs! 

Learn more about their laser success in the article and interview below.

2 women stand infront of a house holding a silver balloon shaped like a number 1. Left is Danielle smith, daughter, righ tis Susan Smith, mother both owners of Buttercup Co Laser Engraved drinkware

Meet Danielle and Susan Smith of London, Ontario, Canada.

It all started when Danielle purchased a laser engraved tumbler as a gift. Soon after, she began researching what would be involved in running a laser engraving business.  At the time, she was working full time as a chiropractor who was looking for a side hustle, and creative outlet. With her mother recently retired, they had considered starting a business together that they both would enjoy.


Watch the Full Interview with Danielle Smith of Buttercup Co.

" I had zero experience operating a laser...I had really no idea what I was getting into...but it was surprisingly user friendly. Things got up and rolling pretty quickly for me which as pretty awesome "

-Danielle Smith Buttercup Co London Ontario.

What is the Startup Cost for a Laser Engraving Business?

The startup cost for a laser engraving business depends on the size of the laser machine, and the add-ons and upgrades you purchase. Danielle bought a Thunder Laser Nova 24 with a Piburn Classic Roller Rotary. She also bought stock of Yeti and Stanley mugs and branding to get started.

  • Thunder Laser Nova 24 – $9700
  • PiBurn Classic Roller Rotary – $1300
  • Yeti and Stanley stock -$6000