Scanning Offsets for Thunder Laser

The most important part of a LightBurn setup is entering the scanning offsets for your Thunder Laser found on your Gold card you found zip-tied to your bed, and that we put in the toolbox. This card comes with factory-tested information that will help us reduce image blur when you run the machine at faster speeds.

screenshot of LightBurns scanning offset fields and the thunder laser gold card with numbers. blog banner says adjusting your scanning offsets

In short, as the laser heads speeds up, the accuracy of the laser firing at the intended spot decreases. These settings will help LightBurn and laser compensate and fire precisely when we need it to.

We’ve created a helpful step by step guide that will walk you through the process of entering this information

Article: Scanning Offsets Thunder Laser

NOTE: Do not lose the gold card this came with your laser. Every batch of machines is different, so keep your card with your toolkit. You may also find a jpeg image of the card on your USB Stick, so keep that safe as well.

If you lose your card, we can retrieve your gold card information from the factory. For this we will need a photo of the back of your laser with the manufacturing information.


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