square image split in half. lightburn logo at top (white dragon with white bc) and rdworks logo (blue parathesis with yellow lightning bolt)
a woman stands with sunlight behind her. her earrings look like planets in a long chain made on a Thunder Laser laser cutter machine. Overlaid is the text "how to market your lasercut products"
A close up of a laser cutter inside the bed with Thunder Laser Demo centers written on the image in blue letters with white background
Customer Support for SignMax and Other Laser Vendors. image of SMX laser with arrow pointing to Thunder Laser Canada's brand logo
cover image how to start a laser engraving business in canada
Laser cutter business ideas 25 products that sctually sell. images of laser cut lamps, mandals, signs water bottles and patches in the background behind the text
a light skinned man is wearing a backwards baseball hat smiling an holding the camera. He is wearing a branded green shirt that says Sticks and Doodles in white. In the background a woman is smiling and standing in front of a Thunder Laser laser cutter machine. She is light skinned wearing her hair in a bun and has thick rimmed glasses.
banner with the new thunder bolt rotary by lens digital piburn grip. design specifically for use with the Thunder bolt machine
laser tube types article cover image: says Battle of the lasers with a red laser bean and a photo of a laser tube of a blue gradient background. Which is best and why?
images of the logos of design programs on the left with an arrow pointing right to the Lighburn logo
screencap of a Thunder Laser Canada review on Google reviews "I have been blown away with my experience with Thunder Laser Canada. I had no previous experience operating a laser machine prior to purchasing my Nova 24. Thunder Laser Canada’s customer support truly went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and made the process as seamless as possible. Additionally, they were incredibly helpful in providing a training session to help me understand the software and maintenance involved with the machine. If you are considering purchasing a laser to either grow your business or start up a new one (like myself), you will NOT regret it! I have now been running my small business since July 2022 and I am so glad I made the decision to purchase this laser. Thank you Thunder Laser Canada!-Danielle Smith"