The working temperatures of Thunder Laser machines are +15°C to +35°C / 59°F to 95°F and humidity 40% to 70%.

Do not operate in direct sunlight.

(1) The Mini 60 and Nova 24 have a NEMA 5-15P 110VAC 15A plug and will fit a NEMA 5-15R or a NEMA 5-20R. Customers need to install the 15A circuit breaker for the machine.

(2) The Nova 35, 51, and 63 now come with NEMA 5-20P 110VAC 20A plugs We always prescribe a dedicated 110VAC 20A NEMA 5-20R outlet for the machines. Customers need to install the 25A circuit breaker for the machine.

(3) Please refer to the link below for more information.


(1)Check if the chiller switch may be turned on. Our machines have error protection built in  for this scenario.

(2) Please contact our technicians at support@thunderlaser.ca if this doesn’t solve your issue.

Please contact the Thunder Laser Canada Team as we stock some of these parts and can ship to you right away. sales@thunderlaser.ca 

We have a warehouse in Vancouver, so once payment is completed, customers will receive their machine within 1-2 weeks. Timing varies according to shipping company demands and conditions when in transport.

Usually, customers will receive the accessory within 1-2 weeks after full payment. It changes according to real-time situations when in transport.

It depends on the model of the machine. For Nova 24/35 we select the liftgate services for customers when placing the shipping order online. Usually, the machine can unload through the liftgate. For Nova 51/63, we will also select liftgate services for customers, but this service may not be provided. Because the NOVA 51 and NOVA 63 machines are larger than standard liftgates when crated. (Crate dimensions: Nova51: 230x155x127cm 540kg, Nova63: 230x165x127cm 600kg)

It is not safe to unload the machine from the liftgate.

Usually, shipping company truck drivers are not responsible for the unloading. Customers need to unload their machines from the truck themselves.

Please note that the NOVA 51 and NOVA 63 machines are larger than standard liftgates when crated. (Crate dimensions: Nova51: 230x155x127cm 540kg, Nova63: 230x165x127cm 600kg) This means an electric forklift is required for unloading these machines.

Having several strong, fit, friends around to help when your machine arrives is also extremely helpful, otherwise, some drivers may refuse to deliver.

  1. When you receive your machine, the machine is packaged with a crate. The crate size is 155*91*84cm and weighs 226Kg.

When the machine is packaged with a crate, and you load it on the dolly top side up should be better. The top side up is the only placement we recommend.

  1. If you are unpacking the wood case, you need to go through a narrow door and turn the machine on its side.

Take care to protect the laser tube, you can carefully place the machine on its back after removing the moving parts and reducing the weight of the machine.

The placement details are shown in Figure 1 in the attachment.

The size of our machine is 145*81*66cm. The following link is a video of a machine passing through a narrow door, I hope it can provide you with a reference.

Video: Nova through a standard doorway

At the same time, there is also a link for the machine to remove the moving parts through the door, I hope it will be useful to you.

It is also extremely helpful to have people around to help when loading your machine on the dolly.

Fitting a Nova through a standard doorway

 If the machine arrives earlier than expected, we can keep it at the terminal hubs for 2-3 days. But the carrier won’t store the machine for us for long, or they will return the machine to the shipper’s warehouse.

We will send an email to confirm with you again when approaching the delivery date two or three days before and see if there is any change in the delivery address and time.