Thunder Laser Customer Reviews:

We may not be the first name that pops up when you Google search “laser cutters”, but just read our Thunder Laser customer reviews and go lurk on the (Unofficial) Thunder Laser Owners Facebook page. You;ll see that we have a a reputation for exceptional customer services and a cult following amongst fellow laser nerds!

Sticks & Doodles

a light skinned man is wearing a backwards baseball hat smiling an holding the camera. He is wearing a branded green shirt that says Sticks and Doodles in white. In the background a woman is smiling and standing in front of a Thunder Laser laser cutter machine. She is light skinned wearing her hair in a bun and has thick rimmed glasses.

Kyle and Danelle Regina, SK.

Buttercup Co.

2 women stand infront of a house holding a silver balloon shaped like a number 1. Left is Danielle smith, daughter, righ tis Susan Smith, mother both owners of Buttercup Co Laser Engraved drinkware

Danielle and Susan Smith London ON 

JMP Wood Co

A kight skinned woman with long blond hair holds a sign in the shape of the province of BC.

Jenny in Langley BC.

Coming Soon!

Aleesha DIY

A light skinned girl with brownish blond hair holds a large sign. Half is wood grain and half has a large yellow sign flower. the edges of the sunflower. TThe top half says "The Pasychnyks"

Aleesha in Camrose BC.

Coming Soon!

Why Customers Choose Thunder Laser Canada

  • Our customer service stands out above other laser companies-you’ll talk to real person when you reach out to us who is a certified ‘laser nerd’

  • Affordable -Our machines are reliable and durable with a quality usually only found in more expensive industrial laser machines.

  • Easy to replace parts- Thunder Laser machines are deliberately designed to use off-the-shelf components. This means you don’t have to buy parts from us.. although we’d love it if you did! We stock most parts and can get the right part to you quickly and can provide instructions for installing them.

  • Shipped from within Canada-our machines are shipped from our warehouse in Vancouver or our head office in Calgary. No waiting for customs or extra fees!

  • High Quality- our manufacturer tests our tube for 48 hours before they ship. We’ve been to their factory and can testify these machines are legit and built to last.

  • No Setup- “Ready to Go” with very minimal setup straight out of the box.

  • Our Online Community is awesome- 67% of online community members found the help they were looking for 90-100% of the time,15% of members found help they needed 80-90% of the time and 8% found what they were looking for by searching the existing posts in the group.

  • We’re makers and educators too- our headquarters are based out of Calgary’s Fuse 33 Makerspace and have an additional demo center at the Toronto Tool Library.


Read more about us in the blog: The Story of Thunder Laser Canada>>

Review of Thunder Laser Canada screencap from Google reviews "I can’t begin to tell you how amazing my experience was purchasing my Thunder Nova 24. The first phone call was spent helping me decide if it was right for me. Lots of questions answered and very informative. I felt confident enough to go a head with my purchase after that first phone call. After placing my order I was told it would be a couple of weeks before delivery and I was so shocked when I got a phone call the next week setting up the delivery day for that week. Over all amazing experience and I love my Thunder Nova!!-Loralee"
screencap of a Thunder Laser Canada review on Google reviews "I have been blown away with my experience with Thunder Laser Canada. I had no previous experience operating a laser machine prior to purchasing my Nova 24. Thunder Laser Canada’s customer support truly went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and made the process as seamless as possible. Additionally, they were incredibly helpful in providing a training session to help me understand the software and maintenance involved with the machine. If you are considering purchasing a laser to either grow your business or start up a new one (like myself), you will NOT regret it! I have now been running my small business since July 2022 and I am so glad I made the decision to purchase this laser. Thank you Thunder Laser Canada!-Danielle Smith"

Kyle Moffatt | Sticks and Doodles | Testimonial:

Danielle Smith | Buttercup Co. | Testimonial:

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