Announcing the Thunder Bolt Plus

thunder laser canada laser cutter bolt laser cutter machine product photo

Business owners who create small products or products that require a high level of detail will love the new Bolt Plus!


This new upgraded version of the Bolt machine features:


  • A higher quality C02 RF Coherent Tube
  • Faster speed engraving (1500 mm/s)
  • Dual air assist similar to our larger model machines
  • Ability to engrave smaller font size (3pt) with increased clarity

Bolt Plus Price: $10,200 CAD

SpecificationBoltBolt Plus
Laser SourceSPT RF Laser 30wCoherent RF Laser 30w
Acceleration Speed3G5G
Air AssistSingle Air AssistDual Air Assist
Max Speed1000mm/s1500mm/s
Minimum font size4 pt3 pt
Warranty laser tube1 year2 year
Standard Lens1.5"2.5"
3 materials tests cards on wood comparing Nova 35 engraving with Bolt and Pro thunder laser machines
Nova 35 (left) Bolt (middle) Bolt Plus (right)
image of kitchen engraving left bolt right bolt pro
Bolt (left) Bolt Plus (right)
prink background with numbers engraved comparing thunder lbolt laser cutter and thunder bolt pro on font size engraving
Bolt (top) Bolt Plus (bottom)

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