Festival Furniture DIY

Here at Thunder Laser Canada, we build a lot of festival furniture! Since we are based out of Fuse33 Makerspace, many different groups approach us regularly to help them design and build outdoor furniture and office furniture such as architects, festival organizers, business improvement associations and more.


2 people sit under a cone shaped wood structure with an inifinty mirror ontop. One guy is looking up at it. There are pink and purple and white lights in the mirror illuminating them
a rounded chair for festival furniture. A round design like a bean bean with an indent for sitting. the chair is made of wood using 3D slicing software and is composed of slices of wood anchored together with bolts There is light coming through each slice of the wood
a mini version of festival furniture designed using a 3d slicer program sits on a counter. The prototype is a rounded chair made of mdf slices. a small blue bird is eating weed from an ident in the seat.

Festival Furniture for Freezer Burn

Artist Ken Hacke stands outside in a parking lot with a wooden triangle structure. Ken is a middle aged man with a medium to dark skin tone with ear length dark hair and a short grey goatee.

Making DIY Furniture with a Laser Cutter

This spring members of Fuse 33 Makerspace came together to brainstorm a design for a chill seating zone. The group brainstormed and came up with a design that involved a cone shaped structure with seating (done on our large laser) and an infinity mirror in the top. The infinity mirror was also made using a laser cutter. The group named the project the Cosmic Sanctuary. 

According to the team;,”(for the infinity mirror), we used 100% mirror acrylic for the back layer, and 30% mirror for the front layer. We had to add the mirror film to it after, we couldn’t find partially mirrored acrylic. then we put LEDs between the mirrored layers, which is where the infinity mirror effect comes from.”

Below is a video that explains how to use the software used to create the seating for our festival chill zone.

Using Slicer for Fushion 360 with a Laser Cutter

The process of designing the chairs is actually a very interesting technique. This technique involves using a program traditionally used for 3D printing. By designing a 3D model of an object, this program then can transform the model into ‘slices’. You have the option to make the slices go in any direction you want. The file is then saved in a format a laser cutter can understand and you can print the layers as individual pieces.

Watch a video of Slicer for Fusion360 below!