Here at Thunder Laser, we are always looking for ways to improve our designs for efficiency, safety and ease of use for customers.  After collecting feedback we’re proud to announce improvements the design of our 2023 Aurora optical fibre laser marking machines.

Recent Improvements to the Aurora Marking Machine

a photo of the new improved version of the Aurora laser marking machine by Thunder laser. It is a small upright machine that can sit on a table top. It has a blue box lid that slides up and down and the window in the lid is green. The machine itself is white

New Improved Design for the Aurora Marking Machine 2.0:

  • The warning light has been changed from an externally attached design to an integrated design, saving space.
  • The keypad panel has been transformed from a button-style layout to an embedded panel with a 65° inclined angle design, providing better ergonomic support.
  • The ventilation aperture diameter has been increased from 75mm to 100mm for improved smoke extraction.
  • The work surface has been modified from a circular hole design to a groove-style design.
  • The PC interface has been relocated to the back of the machine, allowing simultaneous communication between the autofocus software and the marking software through a single USB cable.
  • A key switch has been added.
  • A passthrough door has been added.
  • A camera has been added.
  • The Aurora marking machine is now compatible with voltage ranges from 110V to 240V.
  • The brightness of the lighting inside the Aurora workspace is now adjustable with 4 lighting levels to choose from.
  • The rotary axis interface wiring has been changed to be similar to the wiring method of the Nova/Odin models.
  • The Pro Version of the Aurora machine now includes an automatic lift door feature. (This button is only functional on the Pro version) For a detailed explanation of buttons on the machine panel, please read the instructions linked below.


Rotary Use on the Aurora Marking Machines: The wiring for the rotary interface is slightly different on the new Aurora 2.0 machines and earlier 1.0 version. If you require a rotary axis cable, please let us know which version of the machine you currently own before placing your order.

Operation Instructions for the Aurora 2.0