Webinar May 8 2024: 3D Laser Cut Design

This month at Thunder Laser Canada, we explore 3D laser cut design using several programs and methods. Slicer for Fusion 360 allows users to easily import or design 3D objects that can automatically output into individual layers to be cut, then stacked. Guest maker Austin Hager (Fuse 33 Member) demonstrates devices he designed involving gears and functional mechanisms. More details below!

Meet Our Hosts

Shannon Hoover is the Thunder Laser Canada rep and the co founder of Fuse 33 Makerspace where he supports artists inventors and entrepreneurs to learn hands on skills using project based learning.

Over the years Shannon has experimented with many methods of making 3D projects like sculptures and furniture using lasers and has taught these concepts to members of the makerspace. Some of these makers have gone on to build wildly successful businesses incorporating these skills and techniques.


Below: First 2 images show Ken Hacke’s public sculpture. Last 2 images are furniture for the Cosmic Sanctuary for Freezer Burn, the regional Burning Man event in Alberta.

Laser cut light up sculpture depicting flames created with acrylic and led lighting. Photo taken at night at an indoor event. Made on a Thunder Laser laser cutter machine
howling wolf light up sculpture made of layered acrylic. photo taken at night of an outdoor festival. In the background is a light up laser cut sculpture of a canoe. made on a Thunder Laser laser cutter machine.
3d laser cut wood chair made out of slices of plywood. Small chihuahua is sitting on the chair.
a 3d laser cut light up chair created by Shannon Hoover and members of Fuse 33 Makerspace


Austin is a ‘philosopher turned technologist’ with a head full of notions that ‘occasionally escape’. Austin struggles with essential tremors which prevented him from exploring art when he was younger. These days, the modern age of computer-controlled tools has allowed him to get into artistic pursuits.

Becoming a technologist introduced him to automation and CAD, which to robotics, then 3d printing and finally laser cutting where he found his passion. Austin has been making laser cut boxes and contraptions for several years now, and is happy to present some to you!


Connect with Austin on Mastadon: https://mastodon.social/@FlyingMarmot/

Austin's Project Gallery:

close up of a wood laser cut jewelry box with an iris opening on top being spun by a persons hands on a tabletop (gif)
close up of a person opening and closing the iris mechanism on a wooden 3d laser cut jewelry box made by Austin Hager
mechanical dice tower made of wood on a laser cutter by Austin Hager