Free LightBurn Webinar April 11 2024

Join the Thunder Laser team with Ron Crown (Big Happy Fun Company) and Colin Worobetz (LightBurn) for a free LightBurn Webinar.

banner for webinar by Thunder Laser canada. thunder laser logo top left title reads Webinar April 11 2024 9am est 12pm est. featuring Ron Crown Big happy Fun Company and Colin Worobetz LighBurn Lightburn Q and A. Left side has a lightburn dragon logo in red. on right is an image of Ron crown a middle aged light skinned man with short grey hair and a grey beard

Are you a new LightBurn user? Need help? Have questions?

We’ve brought together 2 design experts this month to answer all your LightBurn questions!

Ron Crown:

Ron is an accomplished creative professional with a rich background in Design and Making. His career as an Animator has given him a strong sense of design and the opportunity to be immersed in Digital Art Software from the beginning.

Ten years operating a CNC based Design & Make company has developed his technical proficiency and fluency in CAD/CAM software.

Ron has worked as an instructor at top-tier institutions has allowed him to develop his direct approach to help others become successful Makers.

Ron offers customized in-depth tutoring for anyone who wants to go deeper into creative design, production methods and LightBurn skill building.


Colin Worobetz:

Colin is the Support Manager at LightBurn will also be joining us from Nelson BC! He’s also a Machinist, Manufacturing Engineer and owner of Dub MFG. You may recognize Colin from LightBurn’s online forums offering advice and support to software users.

We are honored to have both these talented folks on our webinar, so bring your design challenges!

You may want to download and install LightBurn prior to this workshop.Trial versions available.