Materials for your Laser Cutter

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Safe vs Unsafe Materials

Finding information on what is safe and unsafe for cutting and engraving can be a difficult. At Thunder Laser we highly recommend every user do their research on materials and ONLY use substances that are safe and you are comfortable with. The links below are resources we have found and are by no means full lists or lists created or tested by Thunder.

It must be repeated that searching for information and picking proper and safe materials is 100% the responsibility of the end user.


What are Materials Data Safety Sheets?

What Can I Cut vs Engrave on my Laser Cutter?

table-cut vs engrave cut: and engrave: wood acrlyci delrin cloth leather malamine paper mylar pressboard wood veneer fibreglass plastic cork corian trill. engrave only: anodizzed aluminum painted metals tile glass coated metals ceramics, marble strainless steel brass titanium bare metal

Recommended Materials to Practice On:

  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Glass cups and mugs

  • Cardboard

  • MDF

  • Baltic Birch

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Where to Buy Materials for your Laser Cutter in Canada

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