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Choosing a Machine. Size and Power.

The machines’ bed size will determine how big of a piece of material you can fit in the machine to cut or engrave. A bigger bed will allow you to cut or engrave larger pieces and even if you're doing something small, like laser cut jewellery, a bigger bed will allow you to cut out multiple pieces at once rather than one at a time. Some machines have a fixed bed and some have a bed that can go up and down. A bed that goes up and down allows you to engrave different sized objects. The cutting depth doesn’t change but if you want to engrave a logo or a design on a leather shoe rather than on a flat piece of leather, having a bed that you can lower to get the shoe in the machine is important.
laser cutter size
Depending on the type of material, a different laser power have better results. For example, engraving paper usually requires much less power than engraving wood. With acrylic, a uniform, light engraving can be created using a low power laser. And when processing engraving materials, higher power allows faster work. The laser power can be easily regulated by the software, however the maximum power depends on the hardware. A laser machine with high laser power has more flexibility as it allows you to process many different types of material. The table shows an overview of the required different powers for maximum thickness:
Power 40W 60W 80W 100W 130W
Wood 5mm 8mm 10.0mm 15.0mm 20.0mm
Acrylic 10.0mm 15.0mm 20.0mm 20.0mm 25.0mm

The most important features

We define our laser machine into 4 types. We assure that there must be more than one painting that will attract you and also satisfy you in the price and the service.

thunder bolt laser cutter


Thunder Bolt

The Thunder Bolt is the best choice for schools, hobbyists or small business owners who want a small but powerful machine capable of detaily detailed projects

laser cutter


Nova series

Powerful and reliable machines and customer satisfaction

Top selling
odin laser engraver


Odin series

High-end performance produces items with speed and accuracy

laser marking machine


Aurora series

Industrial lasers to mark serial numbers and logo


Optional items

  laser camera  


  you can closely monitor your lasers and position designs directly on products laid out on your machine's workspace.
  4 inch laser head  

4" laser head

  Broaden your etching capabilities with a 4" focal lens, ready to install inside a laser head.
  hr laser head  

HR head

  It is suitable for engraving high precision photos and also a good performer on 3D engraving.
  laser rotary  


  Installing a rotary roller in your laser engraving machine for cylindrical glass, wood, or metal products

Which laser is the right one for me?

There is no blanket answer as to which laser machine is "the best". It depends on your needs, so therefore, "the most fitting is the best".

thunderbolt desktop laser cutter

Thunder Bolt


  • Power:30W
  • Speed:1000mm/s
  • 20" bed size
  • C02 RF Tube
  • Z axis allows for rotary use
nova laser cutting machine

Nova series


  • Power:40-130W
  • Speed:1000mm/s
  • 24"-63" bed size
  • Dual Air-Assist
  • Pass-Through Doors
odin laser engraving

Odin series


  • RF Laser source(30-60w)
  • Speed:2000mm/s
  • 22"-32" bed size
  • Dual Air-Assist
  • Pass-Through Doors

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