Laser Marking: Innovative and Efficient Manufacturing

Laser marking has found widespread application in industrial production in recent years. Meeting the growing demands for product quality and safety, marking technology is poised to play a pivotal role in various fields. With the evolution of laser technology, laser etching has become the mainstream of the marking industry, offering advantages like high precision, speed, and non-contact capabilities.

Advantages of Laser Tech in the Marking Industry

Enabling More Flexible and Complex Processing!

The rotary can rotate the workpiece itself to get different angles, working together with the laser head for complex 3D processing. It also helps cut objects layer-by-layer by precision rotation.
With multiple rotaries coordinating, the possibilities are endless for flexible and creative laser processing!

Practical Applications

Product Identification and Traceability

Enable to engrave text, graphics, and barcodes on products, ensuring high precision for readable and durable identification. QR codes or barcodes can be imprinted, facilitating traceability and management.

Component Tracking and Management

Contribute to enhanced production efficiency and quality control. It plays a crucial role in marking serial numbers, batch details, and specifications on components, enabling effective tracking and management.

High-Quality Packaging Marking

Imprint text, graphics, and trademarks on packaging materials with non-contact, non-polluting, and high-precision features. This enables superior-quality packaging printing compared to traditional methods.

Personalized Surface Engraving

Allow surface engraving on materials, enabling personalized customization in areas like gifts, jewelry, and crafts, enhancing products with unique value and aesthetics.

Common Products

The laser machine is capable of processing various types of marking products, as illustrated by the product images below. Laser processing, as depicted in the pictures, is characterized by its clarity, precision, and effortless processing.

Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability Marking

Anti-counterfeiting labels on products, and traceability indicators for ensuring the authenticity and origin.

Electronic Product Marking

Identification on small electronic components, such as chip markings and connector labels on circuit boards.

Crafts and Gift Engraving

Engraving on metal art pieces, glass products, and wooden crafts, including inscriptions and designs.

Tips and Tricks

How to Improve Product Professionalism and Expand the Market with Molds?

Ensure that the material to be marked is correctly positioned and fixed on the laser machine. This ensures uniformity and higher professionalism in the finished products, contributing to market expansion. Material movement or instability may result in misalignment or blurring of markings. Using fixtures or positioning devices such as jigs can help stabilize the material. If necessary, self-made molds can ensure accurate marking positions, providing a common technique widely used in the marking industry.

How to Secure Irregular Small Items Using Space Sand?

During the marking process, there are situations where irregular small items need to be secured. In such cases, space sand and a leveling tool can be used for stabilization:
Due to the characteristics of space sand, engraved objects won’t stick, making cleanup easier. Additionally, space sand can be reused, maximizing its utility when stored properly.

How to Enhance Marking Results Effectively?

For certain materials like metal, pre-treatment may be necessary to improve marking results. For instance, applying a layer of marking agent on the metal surface or conducting cleaning and polishing before marking can enhance the quality of the mark.

Suppliers for Marking Materials

Need materials for your marking projects? No worries – you can snag everything you need on these websites! These are commonly used and practical online stores where you can easily purchase marking materials, all delivered straight to your doorstep.
Start your marking endeavors hassle-free!

Pick a Machine for your Efficient Laser Processing!

Through the above article, do you have a deeper understanding of how laser machines revolutionize the marking industry? If you are interested but unsure which laser machine to purchase, Thunder Laser is undoubtedly your ideal choice.
Here are three machines suitable for the marking industry.
white and white desktop fibre laser machine by Thunder Laser Aurora8 MOPA.

Aurora Laser Marking Machine

Excels at permanent engraving on metals. Maximize productivity for metal engraving applications from serial numbers and logos to barcodes.
thunder laser canada laser cutter bolt laser cutter machine product photo

Thunder Bolt Laser Cutter

With a user-friendly interface, this desktop machine enables precise laser processing. Stands out as a powerful workshop with limited space.

Odin Laser Engraving Machine

Suitable for those pursuing detailed engraving rather than mass production. Enable intricate marking on various materials, extending beyond metal.