Laser Education: Applying Laser Cutter In Schools

Laser Education is playing an increasingly significant role in schools. Education is a social activity through which human beings transmit experiences and knowledge, and it has played a significant role in societal development since ancient times. In modern times, education has been extended to a broader spectrum of the population, with increasingly diverse developmental demands placed on students. Meanwhile, lasers can be utilized to create supplementary teaching tools and are also integrated as part of STEAM curriculum, contributing to the ongoing advancement of education.

Laser's Impact on Education

Enhances cognitive and practical skills through laser making
Interdisciplinary application in STEM education
Creates intuitive teaching tools for model representation

Customer Application Examples

Laser education is widely implemented in schools. Our customers utilize Thunder Laser Machines for educational purposes, empowering teachers to integrate lasers into teaching across various scenarios and facilitating student growth.
Our customers are consistently creating, innovating, and sharing their works and experiences on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. If you wish to connect with more creators, feel free to join our Facebook fan page!

Producing Laser Artworks

Laser Operation Tutorial

Application in STEM Courses

Practical Tips of Laser Education

Adding bridges for preventing parts from falling off

When assembling modelss of laser education, it may be more convenient for us to select and pick up parts that are fixed to the sheet. Therefore, we can add bridges in the setup, which are reserved uncut sections. The connection points of the bridges are small, and they can easily be removed with a slight twist, achieving the desired effect.

Securing uneven materials with kinetic sand

If the surface of the item to be processed is uneven, kinetic sand can be used to secure it. Take a stainless steel tray and pour in the kinetic sand, press the item into the kinetic sand, and use a spirit level to ensure the item is level. Kinetic sand can be reused and is not prone to sticking to objects, making it easy to clean.

Collecting small fragments with a roller

In laser fabrication, many small parts or fragments may be produced, and picking them up one by one is tedious and time-consuming. By using an everyday lint roller, we can quickly and efficiently collect small parts or clean up remaining debris on the cutting table.

Where to Buy Materials

You’re definitely going to need materials to bring your laser crafting ideas of laser education to life, so don’t miss out on these convenient online websites. Here, you can quickly purchase all the materials you need, all delivered straight to your doorstep.
Of course, you can also visit offline material stores to pick out the materials you need for your laser cutter projects. Go and buy it now!

Choose a Laser Machine for Laser Education

product photo of a NovaThunder Laser Canada laser cutter machine

Nova Laser Cutting Machine

Featuring extensive processing area and powerful cutting capabilities, the Nova laser cutter is undoubtedly your ideal choice for laser education. Equipped with high-quality laser tubes and comprehensive safety measures, it ensures that teachers and students can operate it safely while producing high-precision, practical works.
white and white desktop fibre laser machine by Thunder Laser Aurora8 MOPA.

Aurora Laser Marking Machine

thunder laser canada laser cutter bolt laser cutter machine product photo

Bolt Laser Engraving Machine

Odin Laser Engraving Machine