Creative Laser Cut Advertising Signs

Laser cut advertising signs are a unique way for companies to market their brand. . Its purpose is to attract attention, spark interest, and encourage people to purchase products or services or participate in activities. Laser technology plays an important role in the advertising industry. because laser machines enable makers to make creative signs easily and in large quantities.

Application Examples

Laser cut advertising signs include displays, illuminated advertising, signage, and exhibition stand construction. From simple graphic advertising signs to intricate outlines and markings, any advertising product can be produced by laser cutting and laser engraving.
Their primary applications are divided into these three aspects.

Advertising boards

Advertising decorations

Promotional gifts

Advantages of Laser Cut Advertising Signs

Fast speed, high efficiency, wide application of materials
Achieve creativity with high precision, enhancing visual effects
Automated operation only, increasing efficiency
Environmentally friendly and healthy, saving costs

Creating a Luminous Acrylic Sign!


Transparent and Colored Acrylic sheets, Basswood Board, LED Strip, Screws

Production steps

Practical Tips and Tricks

Enhance efficiency by mass production

When producing laser cut advertising signs, we can configure settings on the computer, flexibly arrange layouts based on sheet size and file dimensions, and mass-produce multiple products. This approach significantly improves processing efficiency, while also saving materials and reducing costs.

How to reduce the possibility of burning when cutting thick acrylic?

When cutting thick acrylic, it is often prone to damage to the backside due to the reflection of the laser beam or smoke and burning caused by excessive heat concentration. To address this, we can place a layer of wet paper towels at the bottom of the acrylic to reduce glare effects. Alternatively, use items to prop up the thick acrylic to reduce reflections from the cutting bed. This improves both the safety and aesthetics of the finished product when making laser cut advertising signs.

Enhance the visual impact by adding colors

Using powder coating for color filling provides superior contrast and durability compared to other methods. Firstly, add outlines around the images in the design file. Carve without outlines in the first pass, fill the plastic powder into the carved patterns, and scrape it flat with a scraper. In the second pass, using the outlines to create clear black borders around the color filling. Use a damp cloth to clean the powder coating; the colored patterns created by carving will produce an orange peel-like texture.

Where to Buy Materials

You’re definitely going to need materials to bring your laser crafting ideas of laser education to life, so don’t miss out on these convenient online websites. Here, you can quickly purchase all the materials you need, all delivered straight to your doorstep.
Of course, you can also visit offline material stores to pick out the materials you need for your laser cutter projects. Go and buy it now!

Choose a Laser Machine for Laser Cut Advertising Signs

product photo of a NovaThunder Laser Canada laser cutter machine

Nova Laser Cutting Machine

Powerful cutting capability is undoubtedly a necessity for creating impactful laser cut advertising signs, and Nova is undoubtedly your best choice.
With superior laser tubes and a large working area, Nova can create large-scale, visually striking creative outdoor advertising for you. Capable of processing various materials, it can also produce custom wood signs or advertising signs made from other materials. Come and buy it now!
white and white desktop fibre laser machine by Thunder Laser Aurora8 MOPA.

Aurora Laser Marking Machine

thunder laser canada laser cutter bolt laser cutter machine product photo

Bolt Laser Engraving Machine

Odin Laser Engraving Machine