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Empowering Your Thunder Laser Journey

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Welcome to the Thunder Laser Canada Support Hub. Here you can find quick links to helpful guides to assist you in your laser journey. We have guides to help you set up your laser and hone your skills, as well as how to unlock the full potential of your machine with features like the Pass Through Door, or add-on tools such as the rotary or camera.

We also provide you with helpful tools to make your workflow more efficient — including rotary beds, focus tools, and material tests cards.

And finally, we’ll provide some helpful links to not only put you in direct contact with our support team, but the wider Thunder Laser User family as well

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Using Accessories & Machine Features

If you’ve purchased any extra goodies for your laser cutter, or are looking for more information on the features that come with your laser, click the links below to find resources and how-to guides for installation and use:

Join the Thunder Laser Community

Another great way to stay up to date on the latest updates and tips & tricks is to join our social media communities. Check out our groups on Facebook, where you have the opportunity to share your projects and see what fellow users are making, ask questions about settings and materials, or

And follow us on Instagram for the latest updates on webinars, new products, and cool projects our Ambassadors have been lasering

Need Help With Your Thunder Laser?

Having an issue with your Thunder Laser? There are a couple of ways we can help solve your issue. The fastest way is to email us using the Support Email link below, and we’ll get back to you within the hour. Remember to add a detailed description of your problem, as well as any videos or photos to help us diagnose the issue

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