Personalized Laser Custom Stamps

Laser custom stamps are becoming increasingly popular. Similar to signatures, stamps are used to express individual identity and responsibility. In comparison to signatures, stamps are more convenient and attractive, achieving designed effects that handwritten signatures cannot. The use of laser custom stamps is expanding, from representing identity to engraving favorite quotes, images, logos, and imbuing them with more meaning. Nowadays, customized stamps have become a trend, and the laser has brought more vitality to this industry.

Advantages of Laser Custom Stamps

More Convenient Laser Customized Stamps!

Laser custom stamps making is a ton of fun and FAST when done on a Thunder Laser! Katie shows us how she designs and produces stamps using LightBurn and the Nova24 in the video, achieving convenient operations with perfect results. She also compares the process using Glowforge with the Thunder Laser, which you cannot achieve with Glowforge unless you have premium software. Let’s take a look at her creative work!

Practical Applications

High-Precision Engraving

Laser engraver enables extremely high-precision engraving, resulting in finer and clearer patterns and text on stamps.

Personalized Customization

Laser technology allows for personalized customization, including name stamps, letter stamps, pattern stamps, etc., catering to the diverse needs of users.

Creation of Anti-Counterfeiting Stamps

By employing special engraving techniques, laser machines can engrave patterns and texts on stamps with anti-counterfeiting effects, enhancing security.

Versatile Material Application

Laser is applicable to a variety of materials, including rubber, delrin, wood, acrylic, metal, etc., expanding the range of materials available for laser custom stamps.

Common Products

Classified by Materials

Classified by Applications

Rubber Text Stamp
Rubber Pattern Stamp
Acrylic Sealing Wax Seal

Tips and Tricks

Boost efficiency with batch production

For manufacturing small items, mass production is an easy method to enhance production efficiency. It reduces repetitive steps compared to individual production, significantly shortening the processing time. While producing a single item may take five to six hours, mass production could be completed in just one or two hours, freeing up manpower to engage in other tasks.

Enhance Depth Engraving with Multiple Passes

When working with materials like wood, using high power and low engraving speed in a single pass can generate excessive heat, leading to charring or carbonization and causing an undesirable loss of details. To address this issue, you can do the engraving in multiple rounds. It can make it go faster and keep it from getting too much heat, resulting in a more refined outcome.

Reduce Detail Breakage by Adding Slope

When making laser custom stamps, tiny details can easily break, making it inconvenient for transportation or future handling. In such cases, we can address this issue by adding a slope, creating a small triangular support at the base of delicate areas. This prevents the details from breaking easily, significantly reducing the rate of defective products. You can use CorelDRAW software to adjust the outer contour of the logo to add slope.

Created by Customers

Take a look at the laser custom stamps examples crafted by our customers! They are consistently creating, innovating, and sharing their works and experiences on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. If you wish to connect with more creators, feel free to join our Facebook fan page!
Text Stamps
Pattern Stamps
Custom Stamps
Customizing Stamps by Nova 35
Customizing Stamps by Nova 24

Suppliers for Stamps Materials

Need materials for your laser engraving ideas? No worries – you can snag everything you need on these websites! These are commonly used and practical online stores where you can easily purchase marking materials, all delivered straight to your doorstep.
Start your laser cutter projects hassle-free!

Pick a Machine for your Efficient Laser Processing!

Through the above article, do you have a deeper understanding of how laser machines revolutionize personalized stamps? If you’re intrigued and uncertain about which laser machine to acquire, Thunder Laser stands out as the perfect choice.
Here are the three machines tailored for the customized stamps sector. Check them out!

Thunder Odin Laser Engraver

Capable of achieving high-precision processing, making it the perfect choice for bringing your creative and detailed laser engraving ideas to life.
thunder laser canada laser cutter bolt laser cutter machine product photo

Thunder Bolt Laser Cutter

An affordable, relatively compact desktop machine with comprehensive performance, suitable for fulfilling laser engraver projects of hobbyists.

Thunder Nova Laser Cutter

With a larger processing area, if you need to batch customize stamps, Thunder Nova will effectively accomplish your laser cutter projects.