Laser Custom Packaging and Medal

Laser custom packaging and medals are facing more opportunities these days. Packaging and medals are closely tied to various fields, playing a crucial role in product displays, brand promotion, and gift giving. With global economic development and an increasing emphasis on brand image, their prospects are expanding.
Laser technology enables the packaging and medal industry to move towards high-end customization and mass production, enhancing design aesthetics while improving production efficiency.

Advantages of Laser Custom Packaging and Medal

More Creative Laser Customized Medals!

Laser machines can whip up a bunch of creative goodies! Beyond freely designing patterns and texts, you can also mix and match different materials. Check out the video where we crafted a funky medal by blending acrylic and wood – taking our creativity to the next level. With laser technology, creativity knows no bounds!

Practical Applications

Custom Gift Packaging

Imprinting or cutting personalized patterns, text, or images on custom packaging imparts a unique touch. This contributes to enhancing the product’s value and capturing the attention of consumers.

Medal Engraving and Cutting

They can precisely cut metal or other materials to create medals with complex patterns and details. Laser engraving can also be employed to add personalized text or logos to the medals.

Packaging Identification and Coding

Directly engraving texts, patterns, barcodes, etc., on the laser custom packaging. It enables quick and clear identification, improving the quality and recognizability of the packaging. And it also facilitates product tracking and management.

Common Products

Laser custom packaging and medals create various products in the industry. It is capable of working with materials such as paper, acrylic, rubber, and more, achieving clear, precise, and batch processing effects.
Wooden Box Packaging
Paper Bag Packaging
Rattan Basket Packaging
Acrylic Medal
Acrylic Trophy
Wooden Medal

Tips and Tricks

Boost efficiency with batch production

The key to improving production efficiency is to master batch production, freeing up manpower. Through one-time setup and operation on the computer, labor costs can be significantly reduced.
In practical application, we tested the production time for a single medal to be 9 minutes, and for 29 medals, it required 4.2 hours. However, if we utilize batch production with 400*600mm acrylic, it would take less than an hour to produce 28 medals, greatly enhancing efficiency!

Enhancing aesthetics through perforation settings

Paper is a commonly used material in the packaging industry, but its folding can easily distort and appear unattractive. In such cases, we employ the perforation mode in the software, resulting in neatly folded and aesthetically pleasing packaging.
It’s also important to note that when using perforation cutting, a section at each end should be left uncut to prevent splitting from both ends. This technique can be applied to various soft materials that require folding.

Enhance appeal by making it cleaner

When using laser processing on sheet materials, due to reflection issues, the front side may look clean and beautiful, but the backside often ends up dirty or even damaged. To address this problem, hard cardboard can be used with a blade or an inserted prop to lift the material. For softer materials, placing a non-reflective sheet underneath, such as acrylic, can prevent these issues.
Wood doesn’t achieve the same effect and may leave noticeable marks.

Created by Customers

Explore the examples of laser custom packaging and medals crafted by our customers! They are consistently creating, innovating, and sharing their work and experiences on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. If you wish to connect with more creators, feel free to join our Facebook fan page!
Customized Gift Packaging
Craft unique wooden boxes for personalized gift packaging, adding creativity and individuality to special occasions like Valentine's Day.
Acrylic Packaging Box
Design acrylic boxes with sliding covers for presenting awards, featuring engraved text, creating an attractive and functional laser custom packaging.
Customized Competition Awards
Produce acrylic plaques engraved with competition details, offering a clear and refined award solution for sports events and academic competitions.

Suppliers for Laser Custom Packaging and Medal Materials

Need materials for your laser engraving ideas? No worries – you can snag everything you need on these websites! These are commonly used and practical online stores where you can easily purchase marking materials, all delivered straight to your doorstep.
Start your laser cutter projects hassle-free!

Pick a Machine for your Efficient Laser Processing!

Through the above article, do you have a deeper understanding of how laser machines revolutionize the packaging and medal industry? If you’re intrigued and uncertain about which laser machine to acquire, Thunder Laser stands out as the perfect choice.
Here are the three machines tailored for the medals and packaging sectors. Check them out!

Thunder Odin Laser Engraver

Capable of achieving high-precision processing, making it the perfect choice for bringing your creative and detailed laser engraving ideas to life.
thunder laser canada laser cutter bolt laser cutter machine product photo

Thunder Bolt Laser Cutter

An affordable, relatively compact desktop machine with comprehensive performance, suitable for fulfilling laser engraver projects of hobbyists.

Thunder Nova Laser Cutter

With a larger processing area, if you need a batch of laser custom packaging and medals, it will effectively accomplish your laser cutter projects.