In all walks of life, many materials need to be perforated in the process of use, such as fabric, plastic, bamboo and wood products. The drilling process is also different. Today, I would like to talk about the application of laser technology in the drilling process of products. The equipment commonly used for punching cloth is called carbon dioxide laser cutting machine. This model can be used for cutting and punching most non-metallic materials, such as punching cloth and plastic. The cutting efficiency is high, the edge is smooth and flat, and the process is beautiful.

We often choose metal cutting machine for metal material opening. It can cut and open holes of various metal alloy materials. It is a non-contact cutting method. The product has no mechanical deformation and the edge cutting cleanliness is high. High efficiency, compared with the traditional mechanical punching process, its accuracy is greatly improved.

There is also a kind of equipment for fine processing of special materials – picosecond laser cutting machine. Picosecond laser cutting machine can cut and open holes of various metal and non-metal materials. For some products with high requirements for precision and high requirements for material cutting edge effect, it is commonly used for thin film material cutting, electronic material cutting, copper foil and aluminum foil cutting, circuit board cutting, etc. It is widely used in 3C electronic industry, medical industry, automobile industry, aerospace and other fields.

Laser drilling technology is widely used in all walks of life. It can be comprehensively considered according to the required material, thickness, aperture size, accuracy requirements and other factors. Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is suitable for common cloth drilling, plastic rubber drilling, bamboo and wood drilling, and metal cutting machine is used for metal material cutting and hollow drilling. Picosecond laser cutting machine is used for high-precision drilling of thin materials.

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